Frequently Asked Questions

Online Shopping

Your discount code can be entered after you select the checkout button. 

Please check the following:  
1. Has the discount expired? 
2. If you have a buy X get Y type of discount you must add the free product to your cart while shopping. This will add to your total at first. Then during checkout add your discount code and you will see the discount applied. 
3. Perhaps one of the items you have added to your cart is not eligible for the discount. For eligibility requirements refer back to the location where you received the discount or contact us at or at 604-506-3253.

Please note that Little Shop Talk coupons can only be used for online purchases.

- Coupons are valid only for one-time order items.
- One use per customer.
- One use per order.
- Cannot be combined with other coupons or discounts.

For more details on where to get a Little Shop Talk coupon book please visit

Delivery Questions

Spring and Summer months: 
Place a cooler box outside your front door with an ice block inside.  We do not provide ice blocks.  

Microgreens and Mushrooms are delicate. They need to be chilled throughout the delivery and receipt process to stay at their freshest for as long as possible. A cooler box without an ice block becomes a hot box in the summer months.
Please note: If a cooler box is not provided your items will still be 
delivered. We are not responsible for spoiled product if a cooler box is not provided or if an ice block is missing from your cooler. 

Place a cooler box outside your front door. If the weather is cool enough an ice block is not required. 

Please ensure someone is home to receive your delivery. Ask a neighbour, have your order delivered to your office or email us to request a pickup. 
Microgreens are especially delicate and can freeze easily if left in below 0 temperatures. If you wish to leave a cooler box outside, without an iceblock, we will deliver your product, however will not be responsible for any product spoiled after delivery if you are not home to receive your items.

We currently offer deliveries on Fridays'. As our delivery zones expand different areas will be assigned different delivery days.  

You will receive a “Your order has been delivered” notification email confirming when your order has been successfully delivered. 

If for any reason we are not able to deliver your order a notification email will be sent to you to advise you to reach out to us. 

Currently we deliver to certain areas of Mission, Chilliwack and Abbotsford. 

If we don't yet deliver to your area please email us at We are working to expand our current operating delivery zones. If you are close to one of our routes we can open up the availability of delivery to you. 

General areas serviced are noted below as well. 
Chilliwack BC: 
Greendale, Yarrow, Sardis, Downtown Chilliwack West Village and some surrounding areas. 

Mission BC: 
We deliver to all areas of Mission.

Alternative delivery and pickup options are as follows:

Option 1: Email us at to check if we are able to add your delivery location to our delivery route. 

Option 2. We have our products in some local grocery stores. Please see our list of grocery partners

Option 3. We may be able to arrange for a pickup at a predesignated location if you are in Chilliwack, Abbotsford or Mission BC. Please email us to make 

Option 4. If we have an upcoming market listed on our markets page you may order ahead of the market for pickup at the market.

Option 5. If you are outside of Mission BC or Chilliwack BC we do offer our products on Direct Food Store. You may wish to create 
an account with them and order via their website for delivery outside of
our own delivery zones. 

Yes. We have a $10 minimum order for delivery orders. 

The cutoff time to order for Friday delivery is midnight on Wednesday. 

If you order after midnight on Wednesday please expect that your order will be delivered Friday of the following week. 

If you order after midnight on Wednesday and are hoping for delivery the same Friday please make a note of this in your order notes. If we have enough product left over and see your order before we begin to process our orders for the week you will be notified on Friday morning when you receive the "your order is out for delivery notification". 

There is no guarantee we can accommodate your order for a Friday delivery if you order after midnight on Wednesday.

Pickups at the farm

Pickups are now available at the farm on Saturdays between 10:00am and 1:00pm.

We are located at 102-32885 Mission Way, Mission BC.

We're just off of London Avenue in a commercial unit behind London Drugs.

There is ample parking available along the fence across the parking lot from our front door.

Please DO NOT park in front of the bay door as our neighbouring business is often loading onto their truck and they need room to continue their business activities without disruption.

Please call us at 604-506-3285 ext 4 to make arrangements for your order.

We do appreciate you making the effort to be on time for your pickup as we have limited staff who are not often available for pickups outside of our pickup windows.

We understand that things happen and while we can't make any guarantees for when you'll be able to get your items we'll do our best to arrange another time and date for when you can pick up at the farm.

General Questions

Our Microgreen products typically last 11-20 days from the packed on date depending on the crop.

We do our best to ensure the best quality at the time of delivery to you. Please ensure you are prepared to continue the chill chain after delivery with a cooler left outside on delivery day.

For the best quality and nutrition we suggest using your microgreens within one week and setting yourself up for a weekly subscription to have the freshest product in your fridge at all times.

Our packaging is always recyclable and whenever possible compostable or biodegradable.
Compostable packaging is typically only compostable in commercial composting facilities and not for use in your backyard compost pile.  

Many cities do not have the facilities to manage compostable packaging. 
Moreover, these compostable products are not accepted as recyclable either.  

Our priority for you is to ensure we select packaging that is suitable for 
maintaining and wherever possible extending the shelf life of your fresh
food whilst also managing the impact of that packaging on our cities’ resources.

We have a $10.00 minimum order for delivery orders.

There is no minimum order for pickup orders when this option is available online. Pickup is available at markets when we are attending markets. 
We are working to add pickup locations in our delivery cities for areas we don't currently deliver to. When these are available we will send a newsletter announcing this. Sign up for our newsletter to be the first to know when this option is available. 


Due to a significant price increase from our current online subscription management provider, we find it unsustainable to continue offering our services through this platform.

Despite our efforts to find a comparable alternative, it appears the industry is moving towards more expensive models.

We are intent on creating new more valuable offers for our local communities. Sign up for our newsletter here to learn of new offers as they are available.

You may continue to purchase any of our boxes online for delivery in select areas or select pickup at the farm.


All items are FINAL SALE.

We go to great lengths to ensure the highest quality at the time of delivery. Should you require it, please visit our contact page and select "Request a Refund". Provide as much detail as possible.   

- Date 
- Product 
- Market name, if applicable 
- Was your product delivered by a third party? If so, which one? 
- Did you provide a cooler with ice blocks?
-At what time did you retrieve your product? 

Our aim is high quality product at the time of receipt.

Have a question that's not on here?

We respond to all inquiries within 24 hours 10:00am-5:00pm.
If you do not receive an email response within 24 hours please call us to ensure your email has been received.

P: 604-506-3253 
P: 604-506-DALE

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