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Cat Grass

    Delight your beloved indoor felines with our nourishing blend of Wheat, Oat, and Barley grasses. Specially formulated to enhance digestion, this mix is an ideal addition to the diet of apartment-dwelling pets who cherish a taste of the outdoors.

    Introducing cat grass to your pet? Start with small amounts to allow them to adjust—this prevents overindulgence and keeps your floors clean.

    Our cat grass reaches full growth in just 7 days, ensuring that your order arrives fresh on the next delivery day following this period.

    Each purchase includes a 5" by 5" tray of lush Cat Grass. With proper care and moderate feasting, it remains vibrant and nutritious for several weeks, depending on your cat’s curiosity and appetite. Treat your feline friend to a slice of nature with our carefully cultivated grass, designed to bring health and happiness right to their whiskers.

    As with any change in your pet's diet, we recommend checking with your veterinarian before introducing cat grass to ensure it's suitable for your furry friend.

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