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Microgreen Sampler

The ideal starter pack.

You get 4 of our most popular microgreens all in one pack.
Radish, broccoli, pea and sunflower.

They're not mixed so you can pick each flavour out and taste it for yourself. Microgreens are packed with nutrients AND they're packed with flavour. They taste great and they're a healthy addition to your diet. It's a Win-Win.

Pea shoots are crunchy and sweet.
Sunflower shoots are crunchier and a little bit nutty.
Broccoli microgreens are balanced well between a light and slightly bitter flavour.
Radish microgreens are peppery.

Perfect for:

  • A taste tester if you're new to microgreens.
  • A charcuterie board addition - add to the aesthetics of the plate as well as the flavour.
  • For your family or friends who haven't yet tried microgreens.
  • A mini salad mix - toss and add dressing.
  • A combo box that leaves you with options throughout the week.
  • Munch right out the box at snack time.

Easy, fast, tasty and ready when you need them.

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