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Spicy Mix Microgreens

Explore Our Signature Blend: Radish, Mustard, and Broccoli Microgreens

The secret behind our specially crafted mix, a dynamic ensemble that has quickly become a staple for home cooks and chefs alike. This blend doesn’t just marry the distinctive flavours of Radish, Mustard, and Broccoli microgreens; it harmonizes their vibrant colours, creating a masterpiece in every dish.

Ideal for those eager to infuse their culinary creations with depth and zest, this mix stands out. It’s perfectly suited for garnishing an array of dishes—from salads and grain bowls to pizzas and burgers, and even elevating breakfast eggs and brunch plates.

Cherished by home cooks and professional chefs for its flavour and colour profile, it offers an unparalleled way to enrich your dishes and delight taste buds.

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